Thursday, November 3, 2011

Running Dreams

Just a quick and somewhat silly post today. A week or two ago, just after returning from my business trip, I had a dream about running. It wasn't one of those dreams about trying to escape from some giant spider or something (though I have been reading Lord of the Rings again), or one where, try as you might, you never get anywhere while you run (treadmill anyone?) No, this was an entirely different type of dream. It was something I can't remember ever having before, and I would like to share it before I forget.

I found myself wanting to run, but with out even my Vibrams (which in fact was the case since my luggage had not yet arrived from my trip), but decided to run anyway. I ran barefoot. I could feel the ground beneath me and it was comforting. Over brambles and stones I ran heedless of my lack of shoes. I ran quickly but my breath was slow and easy. I ran along the edge of a cliff by the shore, and near some small small houses by the bay (which, now that I think about it, sound a lot like where we actually run) and through the trees, the warm sun shining above (nothing like where we normally run). I slid down an scree embankment to the beach, then back up among the houses and the people smiled and waved. In the end I woke up.

Perhaps the dream was nothing exciting, but I was sad to see it pass. However, it was not that far from the truth. The stones are a bit to sharp and painful here to run with out my Vibrams, but last year they seemed much more daunting than they do these days. I also run longer with out ever my breath becoming strained. It reminded me how much I enjoy running. I am not pretending to enjoying it because I want to be healthy, or because I think it is cool. We often get bogged down it trying to improve our run times or mileage to notice, but here is real joy in running, even here in the tundra. You just have to know where to look. I think I will go for a run today.

Anyone else had a dream about running? I promise something more interesting next time.

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