Monday, March 11, 2013

Finally back to running!

It has been almost a year since I left Alaska. There have been a bunch of ups (new job, house, etc) and very little downs. All those can be found on my solo site EverydayLivingPNW. I do have to say though, I have been missing the time I spent in Alaska running. The trails have been calling me and I have yet to answer in Seattle. Actually, I regret to report that I haven't really ran since early fall. But, there is promise on the horizon.

Late last week I was able to get out on a run. It was a beautiful day and I did not want to miss the opportunity to get outside in it (sounds familiar huh, just like when I was in Alaska). The air was crisp, yet fresh and the sky was blue. What more did I have to ask for? Okay, well I would of enjoyed less cars and more trail, but beggars can't be choosers. In fact, here is what the view from my run looked like:

The scenery was not as pleasant as I have been accustomed too, but the weather was just so nice. I ended up putting in about a half hour and working up a sweat. I do long for those days that I use to spend an hour out on the trail, running up mountains and taking in the view. Will that come back? Time will tell, but for now I will keep it small and keep checking in. Who knows what the summer will bring?