Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The not quite spring run...

The weather out here in Alaska has not really been cooperating with us. Well when I say not cooperating I mean that the weather doesn't give a damn about us and is probably wondering why the hell is it that we live out here. With that being said, gearing up properly has become of the up most importance.

As you can see in this photo, a proper toque (beanie for all the Americans reading this), sunglasses, face mask and coat is required. The goal I always have before an intense winter run here is to not leave any exposed skin. Not always successful, but the little patches left open to the elements tend to freeze and lose all feeling, so overall not bad.

Now throw some wind, snow and hills into the mix, you have a challenge. When I started experiencing ice cream headaches I knew that I was running into the wind, and when I would fall flat on my face I knew that deep snow was ahead. When you are out in that type of weather all depth perception ceases to exist, so you have to be willing to fall. I am not a huge fan of it, but it is growing on me. Eric on the other hand, well he lives for this extreme weather/running.

As you can see here he is bombing down a hill.

Enjoying a celebratory hand stand for all the cool miles we covered (it was like three but took us an hour, the terrain was not pleasant...)

And a hand spring. My camera doesn't have the quickest shutter speed so this was the best shot I could capture. But I think I have made my point. Eric loves to run in the challenging weather. The moment I think "Its to crappy to run", he says "Awesome".

After we hit the hills and made our way home we captured what tundra running in the winter looks like:




Is there any weather that stops you from going out on a run? Or do you just go for it not matter the rain, snow, sleet, or wind?


  1. You guys are AweSOME! Most people would totally bail to the treadmill and I LOVE that you guys still get out there and go!!

  2. How does the saying go? "There is no such thing as bad weather, only soft people." I can feel the strength in my calves softening just reading about it.

  3. Looks so fun!!! I really should have had a face mask on my recent California snow run. I've only been on two snow runs, and I didn't know how cold your face can get in the wind and snow!! Great pictures -- especially for a coastal S. California gal who rarely gets snow! You guys always take great action pics.

    I didn't mention in my blog, but my running partner said to me when I took off my gloves in the snow, "Are your hands cold?" and I had to answer, "I DON'T KNOW!" So, I put put my hand on his wrist so that he could tell me -- sure enough, they were COLD.

  4. This is crazy. Seriously. I don't know how you guys do it and make it look so fun. How about you move to Toronto for your next running adventure? We have had ridiculous June-like temperatures of over 20 degrees Celsius lately. Come where the weather cooperates!

    1. Christina been there and done that! LOL Actually I am originally from Toronto area, went to Guelph for school and worked in the K-W area. Go leafs!

  5. Wow! I don't know if that's impressive or worrisome. :) Haha, just kidding. Kudos to you both for going out in the extremes.

  6. I claim that there's no weather that stops me from going out, and that holds true. In Maryland. Not so sure Alaska wouldn't wear me down! ; )

  7. We pretty much run in it all in Seattle...but the weather here is actually pretty mild. We just make a hobby of whining about it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Glad to find you two crazies.

  8. Y'all are hilarious and it def takes a special kind of crazy to humor weather like that. I for one, have ran through my fair share of it all both down in Florida and here in Michigan, but I think you have me beat with all the tumbling! Looking forward to reading more about your guys' crazy adventures.

  9. Oh gosh! I can't complain! Your run looks COLD! Cracking up at your handstand!!

  10. I don't even know how you run. I would be a hermit!!!

  11. Weather: Usually when it hits 110 degrees I skip my run...or do it inside. :)

    But seriously-yours look like fun

  12. I am jealous of your weather - too hot right now!