Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A shlushy slump...

It has been about 5 months of winter here. The snow and bad weather started about November and it really hasn't stopped. Needless to say, we are starting to feel the effects of it. And when I say it, I mean everything that comes with running in the winter. The slushy roads, the cold feet, the icy wind, snowed in trails, and so on.

Now it is not all negative. We do try to make the best of a situation. When the weather is bad we try to just get out there and go, when the weather is good we take advantage of it and go for the long runs, and everything in between (well there really is not in between...)

So how do we make the best of our situation?

For starters there is the random knocking over of big chunks of ice as demonstrated in this video...

Then there is playing catch with the random orange you found on the beach....

And Eric's favorite, jumping off anything you can climb on!

I personally am not as optimistic as Eric, so most of my time is spent frustrated and expressing that concern as seen in this photo:

With that said, I never come home after a run and not feel energized, happy, and accomplished. I can not wait for the first spring run post this season, and I can not wait for it to happen...but for now, we will stay stuck in our slushy slump.

What gets you into a slump? What do you do to make the best of a bad situation? 


  1. Seriously. You guys are rock stars! Love it!

    For me getting out of a slump starts with friends & speaking of friends a friend of mine is doing the Mayors Marathon in AK...

  2. Thanks for commenting on RDM and making me literally LOL! :)

  3. It is pretty, I can say that! And it really must make you strong to get through all that--you need to come to milder temps and do some racing--you'd dominate! How long until you will see some melt?

    1. Hoping soon! But may not happen till the middle of April...just have to wait and see!

  4. Alaska running!? You must be acquainted with the SweatyKid, yes?

    I've never run in snow. I would cry. The closest I came was a brisk, brisk run in Tahoe a couple years ago in I think January. My face hurt. Kudos to you!

  5. Here's hoping for spring for you -- very soon!

  6. Well it sounds like at least one of us is getting a true winter. It was like 85 degrees here in Richmond VA yesterday....

    Love the snow photos, especially the one with the orange!!

  7. Ed - I thought you had died! no DM?? no email WTF!

    anyway I hope this comment puts a smile on your face ;) I hate winter but I love snow. So ya, I'm weird.

    I try to remain positive but not being able to run finally wore me down. I never want to feel that way again!