Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sun, rain and a little bit of pain...

As work was coming to an end the other day, Eric and I noticed that it was raining on the west side of the building and sunny on the south...the debate about whether or not to run started. After 4 days of bad weather and doing little to no exercise the conversation went as such...

Eric → It's sunny out and it looks like a nice day for a run...
Ed → I'm pretty sure it is raining on the other side of the building.
Eric → Ohhhh.....

Well it may not be those exact words but that is how I remember it. So we got ready anyways and started heading out at a nice and easy pace. That is when we realized

Bad Decision #1 → We wore shorts instead of tights.

Everything seemed okay for about 1/8th of a mile, then we made our first turn which lead to a road completely exposed to the elements. We got sprayed with ice cold rain and winds of about 30 mph...give or take a couple mph. I said to Eric at that moment that wearing shorts in this weather for a run is like drinking milk on a hot day when your dry...just a bad choice.

Bad Decision #2 → Running along the beach.

Whoever invented the air freshener scent “Ocean Spray” got it completely wrong. It doesn't smell like that at all. The swell was so big along the beach (not really a beach as in a beach with sand, sun and surf...more like a beach with big akward rocks, intense wind and rain, with surf that would be a hell of a ride but surely would kill you) that you could hear all the rocks being dragged out to sea and slammed back to shore each time the swell would meet land. It was intense....

Bad Decision #3 → High-stepping the tall grass...along the “beach”

Well that lead to my first injury, twisted my ankle and had to walk it off. Still hurts today but I think it was just bruised a little, would have been fine if it wasn't for my second injury...more on that later.

Bad Decision #4 → Running a foot wide strip of land between a busy road and the ocean.

Oh and I forgot to mention the cliff...when you miss step like I do your foot slides quickly down said cliff and you have to grab on to the roads metal guard protecting cars from going over said cliff. Again it was intense...

Bad Decision #5 → Running behind an abandoned cannery.

Lots of slippery, wet, jagged rocks with debris and not much space. This led to my second injury when I jumped off an abandoned oil tank and landed my already injured foot on a rock very awkwardly. Eric was wearing Vibrums the entire time and was enjoying the adventure...well he did say it was a bad idea in the first place, but he will attempt it again....

At this point our run turned into a wet and cold, but relaxing jaunt home. It was prolly another couple miles but we took it easy. We ran past a few land marks like the abandoned knife, the truck with a snow plow someone randomly ditched off the road, our office, and the airport.
All in all it was a great run. Our bad decisions actually turned out to be little adventures that gave us something to talk about the next day. So they ended up being good choices (well except for anything that ended up in an injury...I did not actually know I would be injured so I am still saying it was a good idea). It was not a day that most would go running, in fact I wouldn't of went a year or two ago. I am slowing starting to discover there is a beauty in inclement weather that not many people get to see, so I am going to try to branch out and not stay inside just because it is not “nice”. I am sure Eric will make sure of that as well since he seems to thrive in crappy weather.

Does anyone else actually end up enjoying the days that it wasn't the best idea to go outside?


  1. Sounds like you guys did your own adventure run that all the races are trying to imitate now. If I was a race director I would hire you!

    Haha, sounds fun... other than the injury parts!!

  2. Thanks for following, looks like a fun and interesting blog, can't wait to read more! Good luck getting followers I am number 2!!

  3. I always seem to enjoy the runs on the days it would have been smarter to stay inside (and in the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming, that is often!) I always say the only runs I regret are the ones I don't go on. :)

    And... we have snow in the forecast for next week so this is a good reminder for myself.